At Rushton Primary School, our curriculum is guided by the National Curriculum, but tailored to meet the needs of the children in our small setting.  Underpinning our curriculum are our key actions: be inspired, be creative, be responsible, be curious and be healthy.  By using these actions as our guiding light, we aim to support the development of well-rounded individuals who are able to cope with life in today’s diverse society.

Much of our learning is organised into thematic topics.  This allows children to explore knowledge, skills and concepts from different perspectives, and it gives their learning purpose and context.  These carefully thought out connections exist throughout our curriculum and extend beyond isolated topics.  For example, throughout our curriculum, children learn about truly inspirational people to help them be inspired; they learn via our science, PE and PSHE curriculum how to be healthy both in body and mind and they learn how they can be responsible through various topics which explore humanitarian and environmental issues. 

Our curriculum promotes an enjoyment of reading, and the use of engaging texts remains a constant priority as children journey through the school.  We ensure that we deliver a broad and balanced curriculum using appropriate resources, including texts, that we believe champion diversity and equality and challenge disadvantage and stereotyping.

Click on the class buttons to see what topics each class learns about throughout the year or contact the school for further information about the curriculum taught at Rushton.