EYFS Curriculum

The Reception year follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The curriculum is organised into seven areas of learning.

KS1 & KS2 - The National Curriculum

Year 1 though to Year 6 follow the National Curriculum which covers 12 subjects. Phonics is taught from Reception to Year 6 using Read Write Ink.

Each lesson is taught using our star system.  The children are presented with three ways of achieving a similar outcome; One Star, Two Star or Shooting Star.  We encourage the children to select the star that suits their learning style and ability. Throughout the learning process, the children develop their own learning, ensuring that in every lesson a child makes progress.

At Rushton, we encourage our children to learn and achieve for their own satisfaction and not for reward.  This has a very positive outcome and children enjoy experiencing the feeling of achievement and success.

By encouraging the children to have a growth mind-set, we promote the phrases

"I want to do it"

"I will do it"

"I can do it"

And when children say "I can't do it", we add the word "I can't do it YET!".

Click on the class buttons to see what topics each class learns about throughout the year or contact the school for further information about the curriculum taught at Rushton.

Home school learning during Covid19