Head Teacher's Welcome

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Welcome to Rushton Primary School. We currently have 103 children aged between 4 - 11 on our roll and they are encouraged by our friendly staff who work strongly as a team and offer an excellent start to your child's education.

We base our teaching on providing children with a growth mind-set. We encourage independence and ensure our children feel good about themselves and acquire a positive self-image. The children helped to create our school motto which all the children and staff strive to follow: 'Reach for the Stars'.

Entering school for the first time is very important in your child's education, where first impressions have a lasting effect. At Rushton School, staff endeavour to work in close partnership with you and the Governors to ensure that your child is not only happy, but achieves the highest possible standard of academic attainment, social skills and positive behaviour.

Alison Willis, Head Teacher