Statutory Information & Policies

Policy and info Documents

Policies & Hard Copies

This page contains many documents, policies and reports. Please contact the school office if you require a paper copy of any of the information on the school website.

Parking Facilities

There are no on-site parking facilities, but the school has access to the cricket ground car park and would highly recommend parking there.  When parking please be aware of any private land and consider access to peoples property.

Bikes & Scooters

Due to the school's location, we advise that children do not come to school on a bike or scooter.  In addition, there are not any facilities on-site to store them.

Disabled Access Facilities

The school is able to support disabled access, but please call ahead to discuss your specific needs before visiting the premises.

Complaints Procedure

A copy of this Policy can be found in the sidebar.

Accessibility Plan

A copy of this Policy can be found in the sidebar.

We aim for our site to be accessible to all. Please see our current plan on the right side bar. 

School Closures

The school does its upmost to stay open, but in an emergency the school occasionally has no choice but to close. When possible the school office will make parents aware of closures prior to the day. This will be done via the school text service, social media and the school website.