Rushton School Governors

S Short

Chair of Governors

E Scott

Community Governor

C Dale

Community Governor

A Bubeer

Community Governor

J Chorlton

Community Governor

N Mohsen-Taheri

Parent Governor

W Ambery

Parent Governor

K Gill Carter

Parent Governor

E Payne

Parent Governor

A Willis

Staff Governor

J Beadsworth

Staff Governor

J Mobbs

Staff Governor

M Johnston

Clerk of Governors

In order that they can effectively support and monitor the school’s improvement, the governing body are split into committees. Through these committees and individual governor responsibilities, they can report back to the full governing body on their own progress and the progress of the school. They work from strategic documents, policies, terms of reference, role descriptions and academy guidelines in order that they can best represent the parents, pupils and staffs needs.  


For your information, members of the various committees are listed below:

  • Strategy Committee
    All of the governing body

  • Appeals Panel
    E Garvie, W Ambery.

  • Interview Panel
    S Short, A Willis, J Beadsworth,          M Johnston.

  • Safeguarding & Inclusion Committee
    N Mohsen-Taheri, E Garvie, W Ambery,
    E Payne, J Chorlton.

  • Pay & Performance Committee
    S Short, E Scott, C Dale.

  • Finance & Premises Committee
    C Dale (chair), S Short, E Garvie, W Ambery, E Scott

  • Quality & Standards Committee
    S Short, J Chorlton, K Gill-Carter, E Payne, N Mohsen-Taheri

We release Governor updates on the newsletter but at any time, if you would like to know more, please contact a member of the team.

Any questions for the governors please contact them on -

The management of the school is carried out through a partnership between the Governing Body, the Head Teacher and the Education Service. The Headteacher and staff manage the school on a day-to-day basis within the policies made by the Governing Body under its strategic role.

The Governing Body has particular responsibility for:

  • All aspects of the Curriculum - all subjects including Literacy and Numeracy

  • The School Development/Improvement Plan - including recommendations from any OfSTED inspection

  • Setting targets for and monitoring school improvement

  • Staffing numbers and salaries, the appointment of the Headteacher and staff

  • The setting and management of the school budget

  • Care and maintenance of the premises, especially Health and Safety matters

  • Safeguarding

  • Pupil behaviour guidelines, and procedures for pupil exclusions


We are often in school so if you would like to ask a question or speak to one of us please just approach us or alternatively email or speak to Michelle (School Business Manager) and one of us will contact you.

Interested in becoming a governor?

We are always looking to build our skills across the governing body, so if you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact the school office or email using the governor email address: